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To take complete advantage and as long as possible of Qualum products, it is important to make sure of an appropriate and regular maintenance. 


Here is some advice for your casement, awning, (inside and outside openings):

A visual inspection of your windows is necessary every spring.

Clean the aluminum profiles with a gentle soap without abrasive to prevent the discoloration or the loss of sheen.

Verify the sealing joints of the windows as well as the joints of the frame that are touching the buildings envelope to make sure of its waterproofness.

Apply occasionally a lubricant in spray with silicone to the metallic hardware only.

Be careful not to block the small openings intended for the water evacuation.  


For the slider windows it is important to clean the sill (bottom of the window) by removing every sash.

It is important to control the level of humidity inside the house, to eliminate the formation of condensation on the internal surface of the glass. Furthermore, in winter, an excess of humidity can cause, with cold temperature, ice at the foot of the glass.


The National Research Council suggests winter humidity levels to be the following:


Outside Air Temperature 

in ??C (??F)

Humidity Rate in Relation to an Internal Temperature of 20??C (68??F)

-29??C or less (-20.2??F)

No more than 15%

-29??C  to -23??C (-20.2??F to -9.4??F)

No more than 20%

-23??C to -18??C (-9.4??F to -0.4??F)

No more than 25%

-18??C to -12??C (-0.4??F to 10.4??F)

No more than 30%

-12??C to -7??C (10.4??F to 19.4??F)

No more than 35%

-7??C to 4??C (19.4??F to 39.2??F)

No more than 40%


All year round, it is recommended to have a maximum humidity rate of 40 % inside the house.

Avoid any contact of paint, dye or solvent with the weather strip - the PVC and the hardware of the windows.

Aerate rooms regularly to lower the humidity. Furthermore, open curtains and/or blinds to increase the air circulation.

It is the responsibility of the customer to inspect and to change, if necessary, the weather strips and the caulking joints of a window. This comes as regular maintenance of windows. 


Note :

Occasionally, when certain weather conditions happen, condensation can form on the outside of the energy efficient sealed unit (glass). This results in no circumstance as a window defect.

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