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Quality Control

Quality Control

Certification - What is the A440 standard?

The A440 standard has been established by the CSA (Canadian Standards Association). This standard evaluates the strength and performance of a new manufactured product based on the following criteria:

Air leakage (A1 to A3, A3 being the highest rating);

Water resistance (B1 to B7, B7 being the highest rating);

Rigidity and resistance of a window to wind (C1 to C5, C5 being the highest rating);

Condensation resistance (I);

Ease of operation;

Resistance to forced entry (F10 and F20, F20 being the higher rating);

Energy rating (ER).


This certification guarantees our windows are manufactured at all times according to best practices and that we continuously meet the assembly standards specified in our manufacturing procedures. We are spot-audited two or three times each year to verify our window assembly and fabrication practices.


Air leakage (Standard A)

This criterion measures the rate of air leakage around a new window when it is exposed to winds of 40 km/h. 


A Qualum aluminum window maintains its strength and resistance, resists warping and remains airtight even in a strong wind. As well, the window's aluminum extrusions are equipped with mechanically-crimped weatherstripping and weatherstripping is welded to all four corners, which eliminates air leakage and heat loss.


Resistance to water leakage (Standard B)

The CSA requires that windows prevent the passage of rainwater when subjected to driving rain (combined rain and wind).


Its resistance to expansion and contraction, as well as its weatherstripping, ensure the Qualum aluminum window remains watertight.


Rigidity and resistance of the window to wind (Standard C)

The A440 standard was designed to ensure resistance under all wind conditions. This criterion ensures that the resistance and rigidity of materials meet the demands of the Canadian climate.


No more permanent warping or buckling, major causes of air, water and snow infiltration.


Condensation resistance (Index I)

Condensation can stick or freeze the operating panes, stain or damage the cladding, and degrade the casing and wall components. The A440 standard requires that the windows reduce condensation which can be a major factor in the deterioration of the surrounding components.


Ease of operation

Sturdy, solid and durable, the aluminum window is little affected by bad weather, the fluctuations of the Canadian climate and the passage of time. It maintains its shape, ease of operation and beauty for years.


Efficient design against forced entry (Standard F) - Security

It's reassuring to know that the aluminum window is a security barrier against criminals. Aluminum is 43 times stronger than wood and 3.4 times stronger than vinyl. All Qualum aluminum windows have the highest possible security rating: F20.


Energy rating (ER)

The energy rating measures the combined effects of solar heat gain, heat loss and air tightness. The result of this calculation is called ER (energy rating). Aluminum windows with pvc thermal breaks offer a superior performance over time and have a longer lifespan.

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