Our mission is to manufacture windows that are exceptional in appearance, safety and solidity.

Our areas of expertise include construction management and architecture, thanks to the merger of our two companies: Qualum International and Qualum Commercial.

Together, Qualum International and Qualum Commercial create windows for your projects with a unique level of aesthetics, comfort and security as well as energy efficiency, durability and easy maintenance.

This combination of knowledge and experience sets us apart and we work with all of our clients to develop every detail of their project through design, structural requirements, finished product and installation.

Our strength allows us to be competitive by offering top quality windows in a variety of designs and customization options. Thus, we are able to bid on all projects: residential, commercial or institutional.


Based in Rawdon, Quebec, Qualum Commercial is a leader in window manufacturing, supported by production and engineering teams with over 25 years of experience as well as a long history of partnerships with some of the largest companies. of aluminum in North America.


Qualum International is a company established for over 68 years in Quebec. Since opening, we have ensured that we offer all our customers quality products combining reliability, performance and aesthetics.

Here is our story:

The company began its activities in Montreal in 1955. It was then known as the Alsco window manufacturing company.

In 1974, it was purchased by Alcan, a Canadian aluminum manufacturing company (now part of the Rio Tinto company). Within this world-renowned company, it developed and made a place for itself in the Quebec market as a window manufacturer.

After being part of Alcan for 20 years, the company was purchased in 1994 by Gentek, an industry leader in building products.

In 1991, the company moved its factory to Boucherville.

In 1999, it separated from Gentek and, operating under the name Qualum Inc., continues to serve its customers throughout the country.

In 2019, Qualum was purchased by a private firm that specializes in real estate development and construction among other notable industries. A year later, it moved its factory to Montreal and opened a second factory in Rawdon, where it continues to manufacture quality products and develop new products and new technologies.

Together, our companies offer you years of experience, combined strengths and innovative production technologies.