Aluminum VS Hybrid Windows

What are the differences?


• Structural strength and stability

• Durable; retains its physical properties over time

• Slimmer design allows for more glass area for more natural light

• Better soundproofing than any other window

• Weatherproof in extreme temperatures and will not warp

• Corrosion resistance

• Durability; aluminum is a recyclable material

• Extensive choice of colors to match your design outside and inside the frame

• Standard and non-standard paint colors, anodized or powder coated paint finishes

• Easy to maintain

• Aluminum windows remain the standard for buildings over 5 stories. They are the only ones that are rigid enough to support the weight of the building

HYBRID (Aluminum exterior, PVC interior)

• Good energy efficiency and low heat transmission

• Excellent value for money, cheaper than aluminum windows thanks to PVC

• Qualum hybrid windows are Energy Star certified

• The A4600 model allows a choice of finish color on the outside and inside of the frame, while the H4600 model allows a choice of finish color on the outside of the frame only (standard white PVC on the inside)

• Less strong than aluminum windows, but more durable and strong than PVC window

• Less soundproofing than the aluminum window since they are constructed differently