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As the leader in Aluminum window manufacturing in Canada, we offer a superior quality product. To facilitate your decision in buying windows please refer to the information below.

Experience is key

Qualum is made up of 6 divisions; administration, engineering, production, sales, quoting and after-sales service. We have a highly skilled and reliable workforce and are capable of undertaking small to large projects. Our team of experienced professionals work together to adapt and meet our clients’ various needs.

An exchange of skills between professionals, close collaboration, technical support and rigorous planning are guarantees of confidence, success and satisfaction.


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Window Maintenance

  • Inspect your windows every spring.
  • Clean the aluminum frames with a non-abrasive cleaner or water mixed with gentle soap.
  • Verify the sealing joints of the windows as well as the joints of the frame that are touching the building’s envelope to ensure watertightness.
  • Occasionally apply a lubricating spray with silicone to the metallic hardware only.
  • Be careful not to block the small openings intended for water evacuation.
  • For the slider windows it is important to clean the sill (bottom of the window).
  • It is important to control the level of humidity inside the house, to eliminate the formation of condensation on the internal surface of the glass.
  • Avoid any contact of paint, dye or solvent with the weather strip and the hardware of the windows.
  • Aerate rooms regularly to lower the humidity. Furthermore, open curtains and/or blinds to increase the air circulation.
  • It is the responsibility of the customer to inspect and change, if necessary, the weather strips and the caulking joints of a window. This comes as regular maintenance of windows.
  • Note : Occasionally, when certain weather conditions happen, condensation can form on the outside of the energy efficient sealed unit (glass). This result is not a window defect.


Glossary of window terminology

Thermal barrier

Extruded PVC weather-stripping, mechanically-crimped to interior and exterior aluminum extrusions to prevent the transmission of heat or cold.


Part of a window which is attached to the building and which holds the window sashes.


Resistance to thermal transfer or conductance. The higher the R value, the greater the insulating value.


Quantity of heat transmitted by the window. The lower the U value, the greater the insulating value.


Architectural term meaning the distribution of windows on a building. From the Latin "fenestra".


A piece of aluminum used to structurally join two windows, either vertically or horizontally.


The main vertical members forming the sides of a window frame.

Sealed unit

A combination of two or more panes of glass with hermetically sealed air space between the panes of glass. This space may or may not be filled with an inert gas such as argon.

Energy efficient glass (Low-E)

Type of special glass on which a transparent material has been fused to act as a thermal mirror. This type of glass improves the thermal efficiency of windows, reduces the yellowing of furniture and fabric, and minimizes condensation.


Glass in a window or door. The act or process of fitting with glass.


A single assembly of stiles and rails made into a frame for holding glass and which is the operating part of a window.



Garanties Qualum

SERIES 2000, 2100, H-4600, A-4600, 5200, 5700, 5800, Opales (6000) & 8900

The warranty on Qualum is offered in its entirety to clients who own single-family residences. For institutional clients and owners of commercial or multi-unit buildings, certain restrictions apply. It applies to manufacturing defects defined in this document and will be in force for the period of time specified, provided that the products to which it applies have been used and maintained normally, and subject to the other conditions specified herein. Limited warranty.