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The A440 standard has been established by the CSA (Canadian Standards Association). This standard evaluates the strength and performance of a new manufactured product based on the following criteria:

  • Air leakage (A1 to A3, A3 being the highest rating);
  • Water resistance (B1 to B7, B7 being the highest rating);
  • Rigidity and resistance of a window to wind (C1 to C5, C5 being the highest rating);
  • Condensation resistance (I);
  • Ease of operation;
  • Resistance to forced entry (F10 and F20, F20 being the higher rating);
  • Energy rating (ER)

This certification guarantees our windows are manufactured at all times according to best practices and that we continuously meet the assembly standards specified in our manufacturing procedures. We are spot-audited two or three times each year to verify our window assembly and fabrication practices.

Product Maintenance

Proper window maintenance is crucial to their durability and functionality.To increase the lifespan of your windows please click below for tips on window care and maintenance.

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